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New York State Assessment Policy 2023 Assessment Policy 2023.pdf

2023 ISRF (Individual Student Record Form)
You can find the 2023 ISRF on the ASISTS webpage under "Quick Links".  Scroll down to "Resource Bank".  You do not need to log in to ASISTS to access this document.  Or copy and paste this link:

ACCES-AEPP Due Dates Chart and Budget Schedule 
FY 23-24 Due Dates Chart and Budget Schedule FY23-24.pdf



EPE Distance Education Program Forms (October 2021)
These are the new forms released by NYSED AEPP Office for teachers certified for NYSED Distance Education through attendance at a traditional RAEN training for these NYSED programs.  Note, you must download the document first before attempting to "fill" the fillable fields or they risk losing their data.  AEPP requires that programs use these forms exactly as issued.  No alterations may be made to the forms.  The certification training CANNOT be turnkeyed - only those teachers who have attended and completed the RAEN sponsored training may deliver Distance Learning Education to students in their program.


AEPP Distance Education Screening Tool
AEPP Distance Education Screening Tool Rubric
AEPP EPE Distance Education Student Agreement
EPE ESL Student Packet Assignment
EPE ESL Student Time Worked Record
NYSED ESL Teacher Assignment Monthly Log
EPE GRASP Student Packet Assignment
EPE GRASP Student Time Worked Record
Appendix 6 Fast Track Math GRASP Packet  Student Documentation
NYSED GRASP Teacher Assignment Monthly Log
EPE SMART Student Packet Assignment
EPE SMART Student Time Worked Record
NYSED SMART Teacher Assignment Monthly Log

EPE Manual Changes - Additions 2021 Manual Changes-Additions 2021 .pdf

EPE Manual Final Draft - September 2021 Manual Final Draft September 2021.pdf

Attachment 6 for FAST TRACK Math GRASP Packets Documentation TRACK Math GRASP Packet Student Documentation Fillable.pdf

Adult Education Degree and Credentialing Programs Portal
Many adult educators seek courses and higher education degrees in adult education. However, little has been known about which higher education institutions offer these courses specific to our field. With over 400 unique listings, this Portal is an interactive, one-stop online resource connecting you to higher education degree programs in our field that best meet your professional learning needs.

The Portal will allow you to:
  • Easily find program information on higher education degree programs in adult education across the  country Weigh important considerations when choosing the best program fit for you
  • Enable you to write and publish reviews of your higher education degree program, like one would    review a book on
  • Learn more about featured programs and interact with guest bloggers from these programs
  • Use social media to share program information with your professional learning networks
  • Degree program coordinators can add and update information about their program offerings and participate as guest bloggers on topics of interest to adult education practitioners.
Learn more at
This initiative is developed in partnership with TESOL International Association, the American Institutes for Research, the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, the National Adult Educational Professional Development Consortium, and the Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations and is generously funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

EL/Civics Online Training Opportunities
In addition to in-person and on-line EL/Civics workshops offered through ACCES/West RAEN; there are several websites that offer teacher training in this area:
  • EL/Civics Online

    US Dept. of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education.    

    This self-paced online course for EL/Civics teachers contains six modules: ESL Foundations, Lesson Planning, US Government, US History, Civic Engagement, and the Naturalization Process. The four civic content modules show teachers how to blend the ESL instructional foundations with the civic content foundations to form the ideal English Literacy/Civics lesson. Each module has model lesson plans and guides teachers to write their own lesson plans with civics content. There are many links to EL/Civics resources and many downloadable handouts.
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services  This website accompanies the definitive Citizenship Preparation materials from the USCIS. ACCES/West RAEN regularly offers training in using the Teacher's Toolkit and accompanying multimedia resources. At this website you will find information on the naturalization process and test and other supplemental classroom-based materials.
  • The section for teachers includes Classroom Tools (publications, lesson plans, and other supplemental resources), and Online Training Resources (online training and professional development tools). 
National ADA Courses and Tutorials
Free, self-paced web courses available 24/7 that provide an overview of disability rights laws. The courses take approximately 2 hours and include real life scenarios, quizzes and a final exam.

Trainings include:
  • ADA Basics Building Blocks
  • ADA Employment
  • ADA Title II
  • At Your Service:  Welcoming Customers with Disabilities
  • Disability Rights
  • Disability and Employment Support Practices
  • Federal Court Concepts 

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